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The mark of excellence. steel works.

Legacy Built over 40 Years

Steel Works starts to get set in Siliguri thus creating the background for its future in steel fabrication.

Expansion beyond borders! The company establishes a new branch in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan to show its alignment of offering services in a larger area.

National footprint continues to grow! Steel Works inaugurates an operational division in Alwar to consolidate its standing in the steel fabrication industry.

Reaching new heights!  Steel Works opens its doors in Raipur, reflecting its dedication to continuous progress and serving an ever-expanding clientele.


At the heart of our business policy lies our corporate mission, which is to ensure timely completion and deliver quality work in the fabrication of steel structures. To achieve this goal, we prioritize providing a fast-track, responsive, and personalized service to our clients. We do so by fostering close coordination with them and consistently delivering top-quality products within the allotted timeframe and budget, irrespective of the job’s magnitude. We adhere to an engineering approach in every undertaking, leveraging the expertise of experienced personnel, advanced technology, and systems that guarantee both cost efficiency and high-quality outcomes. Our commitment to these principles ensures that our clients receive the best possible service and that their expectations are not only met but exceeded. 


Our corporate vision comprises three key goals: Firstly, to be recognized as one of the top ten multidisciplinary fabrication and erection service providers in the country. Secondly, to establish ourselves as one of the premier service providers in the field of mechanical engineering in India, with a significant presence in the global market. Finally, to become a hallmark of excellence in the domain of structural and mechanical engineering, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to quality. These objectives embody our aspiration to attain unparalleled levels of success, establish ourselves as leaders in our industry, and cement our reputation as a provider of exceptional services. We believe that by pursuing these goals, we can contribute significantly to the growth and development of our organization, as well as the broader engineering community. 

The visionaries

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