Quality Policy

SWPE is committed to a quality policy, which ensure delivery of its products and services “defect free and on time“.
The policy of the company is to:

⦁ Manufacture, Fabricate and Work which fully conform to the customer’s requirements, relating to quality, reliability and delivery.

⦁ Ensure that suppliers of raw materials, goods and services conform to all requirements, ensuring that SWPE are provided with raw materials, goods and services of a consistently high quality, to enable the company to meet its commitments to all customers.

⦁ Continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by the setting and achieving of quality objectives / improvement opportunities within a given time scale.

⦁ Ensure that all specified standards as well as any statutory or regulatory requirements are strictly adhered to.

⦁ Recognise that the responsibility for quality lies with all employees of the company and hence to stimulate and encourage interest and pride in their work.

⦁ Hold regular system review meetings so as to continually review the suitability of the quality policy and all aspects of the quality management system



Steelworks believe in Quality Service and Commitments.
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